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Google & HTTPS – Daily Security Byte

When does doing something good cross the line? That is what some security pundits may ask Google in the next few months, after they go through with some HTTPS-related changes in Chrome.

On the positive side, Google is doing what they can to help change the web to all HTTPS. This change helps enforce the security and privacy of all our web connections. One way Google will pressure this change is by calling all HTTP sites “insecure” after July. Though some sites may not really need HTTPS, overall I support this move to secure the web.

On the flip side, Google will also stop accepting Symantec issued CA certificates come June. Google is making this change due to the fact that Symantec mis-issued tens of thousands of certificates in the past, which should cause you to question your trust of them as a root certificate authority. However, some wonder if one company should have so much say in who can and can’t be a certificate authority. Watch the video below for my thoughts on these two Chrome changes, and make sure to be ready for them come June and July.

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Corey Nachreiner, CISSP (@SecAdept)