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How to Stay Competitive with Secure Wi-Fi Now and into the Future

Technology has changed the way everyone does business. Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are facing increased pressure from customers, vendors, and even employees to offer secure and fast wireless access. Wi-Fi is a necessity that has become all about convenience, security, and performance.  According to Hotel Chatter, 94% of people cite Wi-Fi as the most important amenity a business can provide. However, it’s not just about providing Wi-Fi – it’s about providing SECURE WI-FI.

Getting Wi-Fi security right is essential for everyone, especially a small business (SMB). Searching for a secure Wi-Fi solution in a thoughtful way today helps you avoid rushing into a decision that you’ll regret tomorrow.

As a business owner, you are constantly faced with challenges. Some that come to my mind are:


It is natural for security to be one of the top IT priorities. According to Small Business Trends, 43% of cyber attacks target SMBs because some of the smallest businesses contain the most sought-after Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Access points today offer a built-in wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) to help ensure you have the protection you need securing your own Wi-Fi airspace. But not all WIPS are created equal. You need to know which secure Wi-Fi vendor can:


Converting to a cloud-centric model is a great way to increase productivity, keep your IT costs down, and protect your valuable data. The cloud is an essential part of any 21st century business plan. Storing your data in the cloud reduces the very real risk of data loss from file corruption, cyber theft, and natural disasters.

Competing with Large Companies

Don’t let this scare you! The biggest edge that you have as an SMB is that you are agile/nimble/quick and better positioned to offer a highly personalized guest experience. You have the ability to connect with customers directly to build and nurture long-term relationships with them. Now is the time to turn your Wi-Fi environment into a potent source of revenue and customer loyalty.

Servicing Customers 24/7

Today, people’s lives are even more entrenched in technology and wireless expectations will only grow. Every time your customers try new technologies or services, their needs and expectations evolve, and your job is to keep up. When people can get their online order delivered the same day, why shouldn’t Wi-Fi be as responsive?

A proper Wi-Fi solution can make your organization more productive and save you money, so choose wisely! Download Wi-Fi Buyer’s Guide for the Small Business for 5 key takeaways your business can take advantage of today to stay competitive with Wi-Fi now and into the future.