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You Can Now Take Your Business Outdoors with a Ruggedized Access Point from WatchGuard

Wireless networks are an integral part of any business environment.  Exceedingly, more organizations are taking advantage of outdoor access points not only to increase their coverage areas, but to provide the hotspot experiences users have come to expect while out and about.  Social network authentication and custom splash pages allow visitors to engage with brands in ways in which they are accustomed.

The Wi-Fi Cloud Solution from WatchGuard delivers the best combination of security, performance, and manageability on the market. And now, with the introduction of the AP322, secure Wi-Fi is also available for the outdoors making it ideal for stadiums, schools, outdoor cafes, shipping docks, warehouses, and more. Its rugged, IP67-rated enclosure protects the access point from the wind, rain, dust, and cold weather, while 6 integrated antennas operate with 3 spatial streams per radio to deliver broad, fast, and reliable Wi-Fi coverage.

To make it flexible for your business, the AP322, like all our new generation access points (APs), can be managed by either WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi Cloud platform or the Gateway Wireless Controller (GWC) found inside of every Firebox® appliance. With the Wi-Fi cloud subscription, you get more bang for your buck with advanced Wi-Fi features, such as:

  1. Patented Wireless Security
    Where other Wi-Fi platforms have tried and failed, use Wi-Fi Cloud’s patented WIPS to defend your airspace from Wi-Fi hacking without the risk of accidentally shutting down your neighbor’s Wi-Fi and running into legal trouble.
  2. Business Driven Analytics
    Bridge the gap between online and the physical, brick-and-mortar businesses. Empower business owners, sales and marketing teams with location-based data on metrics such as dwell times, new vs. repeat visitors, and demographics on gender and age.
  3. Powerful Enagement Tools
    Provide unique experiences for guests and customers and turn Wi-Fi into a key marketing tool that transforms visits into customer touchpoints, increases fans on social networks, and allows for continued engagement after people leave.
  4. Cloud Scalability
    Easily scale from one to an unlimited number of APs across multiple locations without worrying about the hardware limitations of legacy controller infrastructure. APs can be grouped in many ways including location, buildings and floors, for easy management and policy configuration.

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